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Understand Prices Like Never Before

With Buck Cheap, you’re not just viewing prices, you’re getting the full history and context. Make informed decisions and buy at the best time!

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Price Tracking

Monitor price changes over time with our intuitive graphs.

Deal Alerts

Get notified when products hit your desired price point.

Wide Coverage

Works with numerous online retailers for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Buck Cheap work with Takealot and other e-commerce sites? — Buck Cheap seamlessly integrates with your browser to provide real-time price tracking on popular sites like Takealot, Woolworths, Game, Makro, and GeeWiz. It activates on each product page to display a comprehensive price history chart.
  • Can I get price drop alerts for products on Takealot? — Yes, Buck Cheap offers price drop alerts for any product on supported sites, including Takealot. You'll receive notifications when your watched items reach your target price.
  • Is Buck Cheap available for online marketplaces beyond Takealot? — Certainly! In addition to Takealot, Buck Cheap is compatible with a range of online marketplaces, offering extensive coverage to ensure you get the best deals across the web.
  • What makes Buck Cheap different from other price tracking tools on Takealot? — Our extension is dedicated to providing a user-friendly experience with features such as detailed price history graphs, customizable alert settings, and an expansive list of supported retailers, making it stand out from other price tracking tools on Takealot and beyond.